Say it with flowers

Do you have something to say to someone important?

With these kits, you can do so whilst gifting a beautiful experience full of life and colour. Every message is associated with a colour, so for example when you say, “I love you”, you will do so by gifting a self-grow kit of red wildflowers.

Content: seed bombs, biodegradable pot and substrate.

Varieties: I love you (wild red flowergrowing kit), Happy birthday (wild yellow flower growing kit),Thank you (wild orange flower growing kit) and Congrats (wild blue flower growing kit).

How to use your bombs

Half bury the seed bomb in the pot with the previously hydrated substrate.

Water daily without flooding. For the first few days, it should not be given direct sunlight, it needs light.


They will germinate in a few days.


flores resetea en kits

Marigold, scarlet pimpernel
and carnation

regalar cultivo de flores

Poppy, red flax
and carnation

resetea flores meliferas

Golden wallflower, hypericum
and vulneraria

flores resetea en kits

Blue flax, forget-me-not
and cornflower

Tips for a good crop

Planting time: End of winter and spring. We can plant them indoors throughout the year.

Irrigation: Moderate. When the plant is adult, water 1 or 2 times a week, when the substrate is dry.

Ideal temperature: 20oC.

Around the tenth day of having sprouted is when you can pot them in a permanent place. We recommend using pots with a minimum diameter of 12 cm. You can grow these plants indoors and outdoors. They are not demanding in terms of the type of soil, you can use a universal substrate and add humus at the time of flowering. To flourish, it needs a minimum of 6 hours of sun per day and watering 1 or 2 times a week.

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