Spicy Growing Kit (chili pepper, habanero, jalapeño)


Currently, spiciness is at the forefront of gastronomy, especially thanks to the international diffusion of cuisines such as Mexican, Thai or Indian, where this type of condiment is an undisputed protagonist.

In addition to its culinary value, it should be noted that spiciness provides numerous health benefits, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reduces blood pressure, improves digestive activity…

The Spicy Kit contains everything you need to cultivate chili, habanero and jalapeño peppers: 3 100% biodegradable germination pots, 3 peat moss pellets, 3 seed bombs wrapped in tissue paper, and 3 information cards with the necessary care instructions for each plant.

EAN: 8437022504636

Size: 21 x 7,8 x 6,5 cm.

Weight: 200 g.