Edible Flowers Growing Kit (marigold, pansy, nasturtium)


Edible flowers have become popular in cooking in recent times. They not only decorate and give a fresh touch to our dishes, but also provide interesting culinary nuances.

The Edible Flowers Kit contains everything you need to grow marigold, pansy and nasturtium: 3 100% biodegradable germination pots, 3 peat pellets, 3 seed bombs wrapped in tissue paper, and 3 cards with the necessary care instructions for each plant.

Marigold has a slightly spicy flavor that resembles pepper or saffron. It can be used in salads, soups and desserts. Pansy is usually used as a decoration in pastries, salads or cheese boards, and has an interesting sweet and sour taste. Nasturtium has a spicy flavor and is ideal for use in salads, pasta and pizza.

Size: 21 x 7,8 x 6,5 cm.
Weight: 200 g.

EAN: 8437022504681