My first crops

These strawberry, basil, and flower kits aim to introduce both kids and adults to the beautiful and passionate world of plants.

Each kit includes a biodegradable growing pot, a substrate tablet, and a seed sachet with which you can start cultivation.

Growing plants is an educational and highly gratifying activity that contributes to personal growth and promotes important values such as responsibility, patience, respect for nature, care, empathy, and sustainability.

All of these things make planting and cultivating valuable activities that positively contribute to our growth and development.


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How to use your first crops

1. Place the substrate tablet in a container with water until it grows 4 or 5 times its size.
2. Drain the water from the substrate and crumble it, filling the germination pot.

3. Open the seed packet and evenly distribute a few seeds over the surface of the moist substrate. Bury them slightly with your fingers.

4. Keep the substrate moist but not waterlogged until germination occurs. Basil and flowers may take up to 15 days, while strawberries may take up to 30 days.
5. Avoid direct sunlight during the first few days. They require brightness and a temperature between 18 – 20ºC.
6. When the plant is young, place the kit in partial shade and keep the substrate moist without flooding it.

7. When the strawberry reaches 4 cm and the basil and flowers reach 6 cm, it’s time to transplant. Transplant strawberries individually into pots with a diameter of at least 30 cm. For basil and flowers, simply place the germination pot directly into the soil of the final pot.

8. Once they mature, put them in a sunny spot and continue to keep the substrate moist without flooding it. For wildflowers, water 1 or 2 times per week.

Recomendations for a proper growth


Sowing is done in late summer or early fall, although it can be done indoors year-round.

Keep the substrate consistently moist; it’ll sprout in about a month. Transplant to a 30 cm diameter pot when it reaches a size of 5-7 cm. Place in a location receiving 6-8 hours of direct sunlight for optimal flowering.

It resists well low temperatures. Avoid both flooding and substrate dryness.

Harvest from May onwards.


Sow in mid-spring, taking about 10-15 days to germinate. It can also be cultivated indoors throughout the year, with plenty of sunlight and a temperature of around 18°C.

It needs direct sun exposure but tolerates some shade. Apply nitrogen-rich compost at the beginning of cultivation and towards the end of summer. Water generously, keeping the substrate consistently moist but not flooded.


The ideal sowing time is late winter and spring, but it can be planted indoors all year.

Maintain moisture, but avoid flooding the soil. You can cultivate these plants both indoors and outdoors. They are not picky about soil type; you can use universal substrate and enrich with humus during the flowering season.

To bloom, they need a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight daily and should be watered 1 or 2 times per week.

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