Home Growing Kit

With coffee as a substrate, we have created a kit through which you can grow your own mushrooms without leaving home. It’s easy, fun and sustainable.

The kit contains a sealed bag of oyster mushroom mycelium incubated on coffee grounds. Its use is very simple, you just have to tear off the window, make a cut in the bag, submerge it in water for 24 to 36 hours, put it back in the box and moisten the substrate daily. In a few days your first mushrooms will begin to sprout.

Once the cultivation is finished, the mushrooms convert the substrate into an excellent natural fertilizer that you can use in your pots or your garden.

How to grow your mushrooms

Pull out the front of the kit

Cut the shape of a cross in the bag

Submerge the bag into cold water for 24h

Mist water 3 times a day

The first mushrooms will flourish within the next 10 days

Harvest the mushrooms and repeat the process

Recommendations for a nice crop

If the weather is dry, you must increase the misting frequency.

Place your kit in a clean and ventilated place with natural light – avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Growth parameters: 16-21ºC temperature and 75-85% relative humidity.

To harvest your mushrooms, grasp the whole cluster with both hands and twist it until it is released from the substrate.

  Do not wait too long to harvest your mushrooms. If you let them grow excessively, they will lose properties.

•  We recommend making the first two crops at the front of the bag and the second at its back.

•  Do not throw out the substrate, add it to your pots or your garden.

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