Grow this way

This kit is designed to enjoy and respect nature, growing a mix of flowers. Thus promoting life and biodiversity, two fundamental concepts for our survival.

Inside the kit you will find a flower seed bomb (poppy, sweet williams and crimson clovers), a substrate tablet and a biodegradable germination pot.

The seed bombs are made by hand, according to the Nendo Dango method, developed by the Japanese Masabonu Fukuoka more than 70 years ago. This natural technique consists of encapsulating seeds with clay and organic matter. This is how we preserve the seeds for a long time and achieve success in germination.

Reconnect with nature and fill your life with color.



Papaver rhoeas

Sweet Williams

Dianthus barbatus

Crimson Clovers

Trifolium incarnatum

How to use it

Half bury the seed bomb in the pot with the previously hydrated substrate.

Water daily without flooding. For the first few days, it should not be given direct sunlight, it needs light.


They will germinate in a few days.

Tips for a good germination

Sowing time: Late winter and spring. Although you can plant your seed bomb all year round indoors.

Ideal temperature: 20ºC.

Watering: Moderate.

When the plants are about 10 cm high, it is time to transplant them into a permanent pot. We recommend using pots with a diameter of at least 12 cm. It is important to maintain moisture, but avoid waterlogging the soil. For the first few days, it should not be given direct sunlight, they need clarity and indirect light. You can grow these plants both indoors and outdoors.

They are not demanding on the type of soil, you can use a universal substrate and enrich it with humus during the flowering season. To flourish, it needs a minimum of 6 hours of sun per day and watering once or twice a week.

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