Crops of the Zodiac


In ancient times, people observed the sky and constellations to know when to sow. With these kits, you can grow different plants in their ideal planting season.

Inside each kit, you will find a seed bomb, a substrate tablet, and a biodegradable germination pot.

The seed bombs are handmade using the Nendo Dango method, developed by the Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka more than 70 years ago. This natural technique involves encapsulating seeds with clay and organic matter. This preserves the seeds for a long time and increases germination success.

Using the kit is easy, just bury the seed bomb, water daily, and let nature do its magic.

Varieties: Aries (Cilantro), Taurus (Basil), Gemini (Rosemary), Cancer (Parsley), Leo (Strawberries), Virgo (Marigold), Libra (Nasturtium), Scorpio (Lamb’s Lettuce), Sagittarius (Thyme), Capricorn (Arugula), Aquarius (Chili peppers), Pisces (Tomato).

Size: 7 x 6,5 x 7 cm.
Weight: 70 g.